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Linda Morand with Supermodel Beverly Johnson

Linda Morand is a former Ford model and a Fashion and Beauty Iconographer. She worked with such iconic designers as Pierre Cardin and with famous photographers like Helmut Newton.  Presently she spearheads a group of dedicated archivists and fashion professional who identify and categorize the great Fashion and Beauty images of the Mid-Twentieth Century.

She is a creator of the Oral/Visual History of Fashion and Beauty, a systematic collection of living people’s testimony about their own experiences in creating the unforgettable trends and images of the 1950s-1990s.  Modern historians have recognized that the memories of everyday people have historical significance.  This project presents fascinating stories in an attractive talk show setting with Celebrity Hosts and noteworthy Narrators/Interviewees/Special Guests).  All are role models engaged in giving back and many charities.

This audio/visual Oral History is the Industry insiders’ audacious look back at their forty-year odyssey—in their own words and accompanied by more than three hundred compelling photos and film footage.  Intimate, breathtaking, and outrageous, this is the essence Fashion and Beauty history by those lived it.

The story line, with drama, comedy, and a look backstage is based on dialogues and narratives by prominent fashion models, iconic designers, important photographers, legendary beauty artists, elegant celebrities, renowned art directors, distinguished fashion editors, notable filmmakers, significant bloggers and archivists as well as important editors and agents.  All are excellent raconteurs, promising an educational and entertaining experience.

Oral History/Visual Initiative – Multi-Media – Project



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